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Recreational Pickleball

Hi Triangleparkers,

It's been a while since I last put fingers to keyboard for a blog. But when I heard the fam would be blogging about pickleball, I simply couldn't say no.

Last Sunday, my parents, Diana, Elijah, Joey and I all met up bright and early at 9 a.m. to play 3 - yes 3 - hours of pickleball. We all had varying level of experiences. To paint a picture, I will rank us all 1-5, with 5 being pros.

Diana (2): A former tennis pro, but zero pickleball experience or knowledge of the game. Also very little free time to read up on the rules as her job as a summer associate keeps her very busy.

Elijah (4): A natural athlete, with little pickleball experience.

Joe (4): Also a natural athlete, plays tennis regularly, with 20 or so games of pickleball under his belt.

Me (2): While I could probably out-cardio all five of them, I am not competitive nor do I have much of a strategic mind while playing sports. I just feel lucky to get it over the net. I also have the experience of about 20 games, but I regularly forget the rules.

Shelley (5): Has played multiple times per week for over 3 years. Also won a club-wide competition. Enough said. #queen

Jeff (5): Also has played multiple times per week for years. Also a natural athlete.

So, as you can imagine the games were a bit mismatched. Let's just say Diana and I were always put on opposite teams. However, by the end of the 3 hours, we both had made some great shots and gotten our hang at playing.

I care less about winning and losing, and more about the time spent together, soaking up some sun, staying off our phones and enjoying a mutual activity.

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