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Hi Friends,

How are you? How was your week?

I was honeymoon-less for the past seven days…until yesterday any way. But it was the shortest-lived honeymoon ever.  Did any lovely and amazing things happen in your life?  Did any figurative honeymoons carry you away?

The pace of planning Savanna and Joey’s wedding has picked up speed. Time is bearing down and strangely I haven’t found a way to slow it. Mondays hastily advance to Fridays, January to February and then, ohforcryingoutloud, is that March 1 less than a week away?

Suffice it to say, the honeymoon stage of wedding planning is ooover.  But no worries, because I’ll be jumping on board [vicariously] as the Newleyweds embark on a REAL Honeymoon. Boy oh boy, do they have an exciting post-nuptial, European adventure on the docket (think: françois & Italiano).

Enough of that! The shortest honeymoon I’ve ever experienced occurred in a bakery on the east side of Atlanta. Savanna, Joey and I attended a cake “tasting” at Sweet Cheats in Cabbagetown last Saturday. If you’re not familiar with Atlanta, Cabbagetown is a historical, hip section of Atlanta’s east side. There are artsy shops and quaint eateries sprinkled in among charming cottages that line narrow streets. Most notably Sweet Cheats, of course! sweetcheats

The cake pops we taste-tested were guilt-riddenly delicious: Strawberry Champagne, Red Velvet, Chocolate Cookie Dough, Crème Brule and Sea Salt Caramel. The cake centers were hardly cake at all. None of us understood the owner’s explanation of how she married the ingredients together to birth the cryptic cupcake. What we did understand was that each pop had a thick, creamy, multi-textured, multi-flavored center that was positively premium. We unanimously agreed that Strawberry Champagne was numero uno.

Thanks be to God, that as soon as I stepped outside of Sweet Cheats my bakery-bliss love affair was over. I broke up with it right then and there.  Splitsville!  …Until June 29, 2019 any way.   All of this labor intense wedding “bizzy-ness” that’s in high gear right now, is perfectly positioning all those creamy-dreamy cake pop flavors as dangling carrots. No sweet cheating for me…until…06.29.19.

Check out the wonderful pictures on Sweet Cheats website (link above).

Remember: moderation is key!

Proverbs 25:27 It is not good to eat much honey, nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.

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Love, Shelley

Strawberry Champagne (left)

Joey + Savanna preparing to pop the pops

Who needs a paint brush to express love

Here’s an update from the bride herself:  time-flies