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Scrooge McDuck – SNAP!

Wedding whirls are whizzing about

Itches and aches are joining ranks

Like it or not, there’s thrill and angst

When Savanna and I first met with our wedding planner, Sean, he warned us that when contractors hear the word “wedding,” dollar signs would shroud their eyes. “Remember Scrooge McDuck” he said, “that’s what will happen.” Sean was right. But, oddly, last week we experienced polar opposites of Scrooge McDuck.

The contractor at hand is the most crucial hire to our event, the…PHOTOGRAPHER…!

We had a dream pic snapper all booked — until last week.  When we first contemplated who would shoot Joey and Savanna’s wedding, this person came to mind immediately. Her images tell a unique and deep story to anyone who views them.  They’re cryptic and uncoventional.  I’m a fan of that aura.  However, from the gitgo her price befuddled us: $500. And that included image editing. We scratched our scalps and double-checked. Yep, $500 it was. …Until last week.

Low and behold, a museum will feature her work the week of our nuptial, thus she cancelled us. (If it sounds, feels, and looks too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. Duh.)

The good news was she recommended someone.

We contacted her proposed photographer.  He was wonderfully pleasant and experienced.  Two days later I asked him for costs.  He didn’t send a formal scope, however, he jotted down that his services would set us back between $8k – $12k.  What thaaaa?

Scrooge McDuck has gone Syyyycoo McMaddo…

Sav and I twitched

We jolted and bitched.

Whirling and whizzing

Itching and hissing

Photos are major

Treasures to savor

We thought it was sealed

As a major big deal

Now we are kneeling

Praying for real!

Thank you for reading! Love, Shelley

Savanna & Gus / Jekyll Island – Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

Sun rise / Jekyll Island, GA Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

Beans – Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

Diana / Navarre Beach – Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

That’s me (and Diana), the Photographer.

Ansley (rip) – Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

Jeff, Me, Dan and Sav – St. Andrews Scotland Photographer: Shelley Sweeney

(Perhaps I will get in the photographing business)

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