Spa Time is Good Time

I hope y’all are doing great and aren’t enduring anxiety to the point of physical pain, like I have been. But, if you are, I have a remedy for you: Spa Getaway.

The girls and I (Triangle Park!) jetted off for a 60th birthday celebration (...Jeff and I have secret plans ;-). This particular “girls” trip was something that just sort of fell into place. Timing is everything. Diana was on spring break, Savanna needed a break and I was available...coping with the big 6-0.

First stop: Amelia Island, Florida. I had never been and Jeff and I are considering a retirement home there. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton. Savanna generously secured a couple delightful upgrades (3-bathroom suite, champagne/chocolate surprises, photographer, etc.) that added to an already opulent ambience.

Immediately, upon arriving at the Ritz--and I mean post haste--we headed to service appointments in the spa. Sav and I received facials and Diana opted for a massage. --Diana’s trip was grueling. She awoke at 3:15 a.m. in snow-blanketed Champaign, Illinois, drove an hour to the airport, flight was delayed an hour, she bolted to make our flight to Jacksonville, only to discover the pilot called in sick (yep, sick) which delayed all of us an hour, her bag didn’t make the Jacksonville flight and a nearby passenger to her held a barf bag the whole flight. BUT, her massage was amazing, she “almost fell asleep.”

I’ve had a facial or two and a massage here and there, but I’ve never just hung out in a spa: relaxation room, jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, private shower (three jets!), herbal tea/snacks, heavenly scents emitting from who knows where. Have you spent hours in a spa?

So, before leaving Atlanta the right side of my jaw locked up from anxiety. After receiving scary news, I awoke the next morning unable to open my mouth all the way. My jaw involuntarily shook, needle-type sensations irritated my back (apparently the upper vertebrae were messed up) and I was stuck in doldrums. Blah blah. I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m segwaying into how utterly awesome spending FOUR days in a spa can be for body burdens. Particularly burdens brought on by system shocks a/k/a stress.

The Ritz jacuzzi with soothing baby blue and green tile, neatly folded towels, greenery, lounge chairs, bay window and adjacent sauna and steam room began the pleasant stroll to recovery.

Years ago, I used to sit in a sauna from time to time but I haven't thought about doing so until last week. Laying down, spine flat on warm boards, sweat streaming off head and neck, muscles and joints voluntarily releasing was an unexpected, welcome, heaven-sent healing.

After all that healing heat, we stepped into private showers filled with products that disagree with humidity. The shower and dressing room had aroma=therapy scents that were so soothing I reduced to tears. Crying in the shower is a beautiful thing. Tears just wash straight down the drain and no one is looking.

From Amelia, we stopped on Jekyll Island as we made our way to Sea Island. Jekyll is my favorite-favorite place in the world to bike ride. Diana opted for quiet time alone to take care of law school stuff while Sav and I enjoyed absolutely perfect weather (70/cloudy) for bike riding. Jekyll bike trails are in and of themself a spa treatment.

Next stop: The Spa at Sea Island/Cloister (and I mean cloistered). The Cloister spa beat the Ritz in scenery and serenity (except the sauna, Ritz sauna won). Cloister staff were ever present for guidance and comfort. The pool was surrounded by opulent decor and we all partook in swim time with a dip in an adjacent hot tub. Next to the pool was another jacuzzi-type, warm (not hot) tub that offered a short, circular staircase down a small flight of stairs where you could sit by a waterfall.

I could go on writing hundreds of words to describe the Cloister Spa. The facility was impeccable, calming, top notch. Pretty sure you get the picture. Of special note was, in the private showers there was a hand held nozzle that emitted revitalizing citrus aroma: orange, minty freshness.

Who wouldn’t be renewed after all that?

If you need a relaxing break from daily stresses, or one big special stresser, consider a spa-getaway remedy. If not the Ritz or Cloister, somewhere else!

While you detox, remember to forgive…yourself and others.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Disclaimer Alert: IF you happened to read the last blog, it was not about my husband.