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Tender Times

Hi Friends,

I hope you all are doing well, living life to the fullest in spite of gradually descending until once again ascending…toward eternal life ever after…

Supporting, tending to, being on call for, entertaining, loving, and most of all appreciating one’s mother in her 90s is a delicate dance to choreograph. Having immediate family around to help orchestrate is a blessing like no other. My family's unselfish, ready-and-willing help is valued beyond measure.

Sometimes I wonder who the blessing of [my] family falls on more: me or mom?

When I hugged mom this past weekend and during the last few visits she felt frail and boney. She seemed to cherish the hug. “Touchy-feely” has not been an adjective I’ve used to describe mom, ever. But these days when I arrive I find her leaning in for affection, human touch. This action is quite foreign for me yet appears a new normal for her.

The 90s Is a Time of Decline” is not exactly headline news? However, those words are quite frankly a new and sensational headline for me, personally. I’m experiencing new auras, times to be cherished with mom in her 90s.

Whereas, a new baby has precious fleeting energies and actions that quickly dissipate yet mature, an elder (my experience) produces precious, current energies that remain and expand, albeit wither.

Allow me to plug Barbara Karnes, RN, who I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. Ms. Karnes is an end of life educator who is immensely helpful in explaining the natural process of dying. She speaks in a soft, tender voice that will touch and reach anyone seeking to understand the process of death.

I know, I know! Mom is not dying. I’m not saying she is. But, actually, guess what: she IS dying. So am I for that matter. And so is the entire rest of the living, breathing world.

Diana’s boyfriend, Elijah visited ATL last weekend. It’s always a pleasure to have Eli at our home. He and Diana (also Savanna and my son-in-law, Joe!!) are always up for a visiting and/or helping Gam out. These four young people are way beyond their years with respect and admiration for elderly people. Okay, I’m going off on another topic. But still…

Elijah and Diana cleaned Kroger's shelves of Deer Park water last weekend. They loaded 16 gallon jugs into my car, unloaded it and hauled it into mom’s house before lining all 18 containers (she already had 2) neatly up against the wall in her laundry room.

Thank you Sweeney and Garde family, and Eli for choreographing and dancing with me not only this past weekend but always!

(Note to self: Find out if Deer Park will deliver)

All I can say is: I love this pic (helping others just makes you feel good.

The 90s are tender times y’all. If you’re on a similar journey I encourage you to check out podcasts by Barbara Karnes, RN.

God Bless you my friends.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

So, I do indeed have a life outside of the elder-tend (Amen, Amen and Amen). We enjoyed a Sunday morning of pickleball-madness this past weekend. Fun in the sun sums it up!!!!!!

A family that sweats together smiles together

Savanna and my grandcat, Archie

Waving us good-bye...

P.S. I hope relavent ads interest you!!!! Versus annoy you...

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