Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018 has come and gone. I hope everything about yours was great: the company, ease of shopping, personality cohesiveness, delicious food, speedy clean up…everything.

The last couple of years we spent Thanksgiving at Ansley Golf Club. Doing so meant there were no complicated recipes or laborious shopping trips to contend with. It also meant there was guaranteed tender turkey, zero clean up, and lots of friendly service! Celebrating Thanksgiving in a stress free environment like AGC was a welcome diversion from the ordinary routine, especially given Thanksgiving a couple years prior was borderline disastrous.

An old friend of mine told me a story about a time her mother spent hours in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner. After a huge casserole finished cooking her mother pulled it out of the oven and carried it into the living room where the family was gathered. She proceeded to turn the casserole dish upside down on the floor, in front of everyone. The steaming hot dish oozed over the carpet, shockingly. My friend’s mother left that night and never returned. Sad.

Our “disastrous” Thanksgiving wasn’t quite like that but it was nerve-racking all the same. This year we opted out of dining at AGC. Overall everything turned out well: green beans, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, incredible stuffing from Steve Doocey’s The Happy Cookbook, cranberry sauce, etc. The turkey was tender but I did happen upon a few chewy bites that left me disappointed (oh the pressure of it all)!

When one’s nest is empty it truly is wonderful to have baby birds fly home for holidays. Both Savanna and Diana were here this year! Of course everyone knows there’s a future son-in-law on my horizon. It was a pleasure having him join us. Joey makes me burst out laughing with his quick-witted humor.   Amidst labor-intense holiday cooking laughter is a coveted gem for sure. My mother also joined us. Grandparents add a special something to holiday gatherings.

Thanksgiving day or not, I’m thankful every single day. For: friends, family, and God.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley

Thanksgiving: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Required: 5 years management experience