The Good, Odd & Dad’s Day

Hi Friends and Family,

How are you doing? I trust you’re feeling well and swell?  I hope you have the perfect amount of joy and sadness to keep you balanced?

Unfortunately, I don’t have fiction tidbits to share this week. The real deal is the game name lately. No pretend drama here, only non-fiction.

Last-minute wedding stuff continues to permeate. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if we kept at it. Savanna and I have an impressive cadence, if I don’t say so myself, with energy to spare.

There’s another reason I wouldn’t mind if the nuptial thing kept going: Grandparenthood. Yes, of course, I look forward to being a grandmother…but sometimes more than others. All in good time??

A couple of odd things happened to me this past week. Small children were involved.  [All in good time.]

Odd Thing No. 1

Our Team met at Ansley where we went over particular after particular after particular, finalizing details. You’d a’thought we were planning a dignitary dinner. Pros sketched where, how, what, and when everything would transpire, everything. BAM!  When we finished, I slipped into a drained trance and bee-lined it for the ladies lounge, and ice water.

Note: Children are not permitted in the ladies lounge.

Three women sat near the soft drink counter as I clanked and dug for ice in the freezer, I heard faint voices (I was in a zone all my own.).

“Is that your child???” one lady asked me, raising her voice.

I looked up to find six eye darts of certainty shoot me with assumption that ~ unbeknownst to me ~ a distressed, runny-nosed, abandoned, whining, crying, toddler outside a glass door of the adults-only lounge we were in, belonged to me.

“Excuse me? No, not mine,” I said.

Moments later, the child’s mother showed up, claiming responsibility.  Do I look like I want or need small children?  Because I don’t…with all in good time respect and anticipation of course.

Odd Thing No. 2

Our final meeting took place in a floral shop. Savanna, Diana and I met Sean to pick out flowers. As we wrapped up, a woman carrying a cumbersome baby carrier walked in. She locked eyes on me and asked if I’d watch her infant while she went inside the cooler to flower browse.

“I could leave him in the car…but it’s hot out there,” she said, “and I don’t want to take him in the cooler either.”

Presto! A stranger’s baby became my problem.

So ya, there’s a good amount of joy and sadness balancing life over this way. Grandchildren indeed sound heavenly, in good time. I look forward to loving and being there for them. And boy oh boy are we ever ready to welcome friends, family, business associates, new family members and especially JOEY to our family!

~ Father’s Day ~

Father’s Day weekend is coming up! God Bless all the good, Godly Dads. Mine certainly was good and Godly, and my husband most definitely is.  Savanna, Diana, and I are proud of who Jeff is and what he’s become: a kind, gentle, classy, generous, thoughtful, successful, Godly man. Along with Joey and Savanna, their Dad will also shine on June 29.

My Daddy was a handsome, kind, gentle man. I always had his back and he had mine. (Florence, CO)

Jeff is as good a Daddy as my own was. Here he is with Savanna at my Grandad’s (also a kind, gentle soul) 90th birthday party in Michigan.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Do not be anxious about anything – Phillipians 4:16

I recognize this blog is ADHD-esque.  But hey, I gotta variety going on.  The kid incidents straight up scared me.

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