Thumbs Up to Pets

Fact: Pets Live High On The Hog in our home ~

Why, because they’re entertaining, adorable, and unconditionally loving companions. Why wouldn’t they dwell in the lap of luxury relative to one’s lifestyle?

Individual reasons for owning pets are intriguing. My reason is simple: unconditional love, especially for children. It hardly seems fair that all one has to do is care for, love, and respect animals by:

  1. Supplying food

  2. Scooping poop

  3. Sharing affection

  4. Providing medical care

That’s basically it…

Presto: Unconditional Love!

Who can deny that humans, as well intentioned as we strive to be, require far more than four modest things to garner unconditional love, and that such love may waver from time to time. We are…after all…human.

Back in the day, Jeff and I brought an AKC registered German Shepherd into our home (Buck).

We are neither dog nor cat people. We’re both…including horses. Currently, however we don’t have a cat.   I’ve been hearing a lot of talk from Sav and Dan suggesting I birth-buy our next, inevitable feline family member. I’ve also heard rumblings that Savanna may add a kitty to her life.

If and when Sav or Dan adopts a pet on her own, I’ll be hopelessly happy. Not only because it will be a grand-pet but also for vicarious, unconditional love. Save for God’s love, there is IMHO no tenderness that compares to it.

As with all wonderful things in life, there is a downside to pet adopting: their too-soon departures. Losing pets during such small portions of life sucks. But, it’s worth it…for us and more importantly, for them.

As the saying goes:

It’s better to have loved and lost

Than to have never

Loved at all

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Love, Shelley