Travel Tempo Adjustment

Last weekend, Georgia and Tennessee were on their way to opening back up (May 2-3).  Like so many, I was itching to get a new travel tempo going again. We’re not quite ready to resume international travel, so I asked Diana to go with me to Chattanooga, one of our favorites [foodie] cities ever, to dip our toes in the new travel tempo.  

We road-tripped to Chatt for a single night’s stay at Holiday Inn and Suites, Downtown ‘Nooga OpenHotel.  

Have we forgotten how to travel?  Was it scary?

No, we haven’t forgotten how to travel, but we might as well.  A lot has changed and I don’t mean the obvious: 

  1. stand six feet from the receptionist

  2. conscientiously wash hands after using the lobby lavatory 

  3. be courageous in elevator with other guests

  4. always knuckle-push buttons

  5. Never touch your face prior to washing hands

The above are new travel tempo and military-esque protocols that anyone watching the news lately will adopt when they resume traveling.  

What might as well be forgotten is the carefree, casual vacay tempo of days gone by.   So long old, happy-go-lucky travel tempo, Welcome: cautious and concerned tempo!  At least that is what I discovered on my first baby-step vacation to Chattanooga, post-lockdown.  

Was it scary?

Yes and no.

The scary part was:  for over two weeks prior to departure, the two of us contemplated driving less than two hours, for a less than 24-hour stay.  

Lets go.  No, maybe not.  For sure, let’s do it.  No, better not.  Go!  Don’t go!  Maybe go…  Vacillating was the scary part.  

But, as soon as courage defeated fear, no, it wasn’t scary at all. 

A tip to consider amidst the latest travel tempo:

  1. Create a new Essential Pack List (mine includes ear plugs, shower cap, EmergenC, echinacea/goldenseal, brow pencil).  Hotels may not stock all the necessities in the rooms that they used to.  Sure, you can call the receptionist but they’ll have to bring you what you need (i.e. contact). 

Whenever, wherever, however you resume non-essential travel, be safe and be clean.

Thank you for reading,

Love, Shelley

Social distancing frisbee-style

Chattanooga foot bridge is enjoyable exercise

If in Chattanooga, check out Lupi’s Pizza!

Lupi’s Pizza is delicious!