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Turning 60

The big 6-0 arrives in a matter of seconds, ready or not. To be exact: 2,674,800 seconds from today, February 11, 2022. But who’s counting?

Turning 60 isn’t so bad. I tell myself: look on the bright side…you married a younger man. Three-hundred-twenty-five days younger, to be exact. But, who’s counting?

What’s the best part of turning 60?

The best part of turning 60 is that all embarrassing, cringeworthy stuff was done way before the internet was even conceptualized. Most of us older folks gasp imagining our "crazy" days thriving on a computer archive, forever. True, I didn’t participate in too outrageous of antics or deportment, but the mere thought of minor oopses that I did partake in...being forever kept alive in cyberspace...terrifies me. No! Just no.

What’s the worst part of turning 60?

Muscle-Brain reaction time slowing down. If you play pickleball you know what I'm talking about. Pickleballs fly fast. Sometimes I don't feel as fast as I should be, or remember once being. Good news is pickleball keeps you ahead of the MB atrophy slide.

There is a lot to be thankful for (health, shelter, comfort, successful kids, anchored marriage). So far, 60 looks pretty good up ahead. I'll be happy to reach it in 2,674,800 seconds. Then, I'll be married to a younger man while lounging on the beach.

I asked mom (Gam, Grandma, Nana, Aunt Diane, Diane) what the toughest thing about turning 60 (or any age over 50) was. She said, “None of it made any difference to me. You know, as long as you feel good, it doesn’t really matter. -- One hundred will! That one will matter. I want to live to 100. Don’t know if I will of course. But I’m trying.”

I guess I feel the same way. Sixty doesn’t really make a difference in my life. Most definitely 100 will. But I’m not sure I feel the same about making it to 100. Maybe at 92 I will...

Thank you for reading!




Photo Timeline of Six Decades

Years old: zero

Age 10 - Crater Lake, Oregon -- The poncho is hiding a cast a broken arm

Age 20 with my 19-year-old buddy, Jennifer

Age 30 with Savanna and Jeff in a room in our house that no longer exists

Age 40 - NYC with Karen, Caroline Savanna and Andrew

Age 50 - UGA campus with my 2-year Bulldog girl

Almost 60 - Partying with my buddy Catherine

Moses was 120 years old when he died, yet his eyesight was clear, and he was as strong as ever.~ Deuteronomy 34:7

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