2020 Resolutions, Pickleball, Empty Nest List

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! Do you have 2020 Resolutions? Please share, we’d love to hear them and check in with you at the end of the year to see if you succeeded.

I have three. Typically “resolutions” is singular. Why not make it plural? That way the odds are better for satisfying at least one, albeit I’m aiming for all of my 2020 Resolutions this year.

Beat Jeff at Pickleball

Have you heard of Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun social activity and a vigorous workout, if you play singles. Doubles is great too, but not nearly the cardio workout as a singles game.  2020 Resolutions 

IMHO, Pickleball is best played indoors with fierce competition. My husband, Jeff, is my favorite competitor.  He played competitive tennis (a big advantage), and he’s eight inches taller than me, another advantage. Suffice it to say, I run and work my *** off when I play Jeff.

The first time we dueled Jeff ’bout killed me. The best I can say of four games I lost that day: I didn’t leave with bloody zero on the board.

The second time we dueled it was much closer (ptl). In Pickleball you have to win by two; games go to 11 points. We ran each other mercilessly; I suggested that if we both reached 11 points we’d call it a tie. So, there we were at 11 each, panting like huntin’ dogs. But we kept going because our brains were so endorphin stoked we forgot to stop. – Until…Jeff got to 12. Then I said, “oh ya, remember, we were going to call ‘tie’ at 11-11.”

This past weekend we dueled a third time. History repeated itself until FINALLY I won the fourth game! The glare on my face in the picture below is from dripping sweat and a red as Santa’s suit complexion.

Pickleball is great exercise 2020 Resolutions

Facts indicate that Pickleball is played by 75% over 55ers.  That doesn’t mean it’s for the laziest among us.

First resolution conquered: Beat Jeff at Pickleball 2020!! Info

Get Mother using cell phone

If you live in Atlanta you know that an unkind storm blew through last Saturday night knocking out power for many. As mentioned in a previous blog, Mother doesn’t use a cell phone (she has [antiquated] one and is more than capable of using one mind you). Jeff and I couldn’t get in touch with her on the night of the storm. My sister, in Oregon, helped out by getting in touch with one of her neighbors. There’s no need for elaboration on this one…the time has come for Mother to learn and utilize the cell phone that she already has. Or, better yet, it would be a blessing indeed if she’d upgrade to a senior friendly [sophisticated] phone such as the  Jitterbug.

The Jitterbug for seniors

Narrow empty nester list to 3

Two options on my Empty Nester list bit the dust this week. I decided no matter what the list narrows down to, it’s best to be my own boss.

  1. Volunteer

  2. Get a job

  3. Go back to school

  4. Draw and paint again

  5. Beg girls to blog with me until I die

  6. Hope to be a babysitting Grandma soon

  7. Travel far away so I don’t think about it so much

If you made it this far, I invite you to read a blog that I spent all day last week writing but never published it.  When I sent it to Triangle Park counterparts (daughters) for review, they unequivocally refused to let me post it. “You will ruin our lives” they told me. Email: triangleparkatl@gmail.com  Not only would I love to hear from you, I’d especially love to send you the blog to get your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Shelley

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