Archie’s One Month Update

I have officially had Archie (Moosh, Arch, Archie boy, Babes, Silly) for one month, give or take.  I could not possibly be more obsessed. Maybe everyone’s obsessed with their own cat, thinking “wow how lucky could I possibly be!” (the same way parents think their child is the best baby to ever grace Earth), but I think Joe and I really lucked out. Our vet has commented on two separate occasions that she’d love to have a cat like ours, and that we really lucked out. So maybe he really is special.

Our boy did not have an easy transition to his furever home, which endears us even more to him. He saw three vets within two weeks for a nasty infection and abscess. When Joe and I were on vacation, we received a phone call from my sister letting us know Archie was “bleeding out of his neck.” I’ll save that story for another day, but just know he is now happy and healthy as can be.

We already have the sweetest routines. Archie is always waiting for me when I come out of the bedroom each morning around 8:10. He cranes his neck and begs for cuddles. If I didn’t have work to do, I’d probably drown him in kisses each morning. Lately, I’ve also been giving him tiny chicken treats up on his scratching post. When he sees me walking that way he sprints around the corner and cranes his neck for a treat.

It would be hard to pick a favorite part about Archie, but I really love how Joe’s affinity for him has grown. Recently, when Joe was relaxing on the couch, he went out of his way to scoop Archie up and bring him over to watch TV (Archie LOVES watching sports). Joe even loves to kiss his sweet head. For someone who didn’t grow up with a pet, I’m really impressed by how much Joe enjoys Arch.

Do I think I have the sweetest, cuddliest, smartest, best-smelling, softest kitten on earth? Yes, I do. But you probably think the same about yours. Aren’t cats the best?


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