Bahamas Bound

The Tri-angles are going to the Bahamas.  It’s been 36 years since I’ve been there.  The girls have never been.  Jeff opted out on this one.  Excess travel and not desiring a hot(ter), humid, climate are keeping home.  What his absence means is…girls gone wild.  Well, maybe not, but you neeevverrr know.

I gotta say, Savanna is a lot like me in that I’m in ward-robe planning over-drive:

  1. ·        Sparkly, rhinestone, sandals;  check

  2. ·        Classy Beach dress; check

  3. ·        Hats and visors with adequate coverage; check

  4. ·        Bathing suit with adequate coverage (ugh – this category is just not fair.  Diana and Savanna are in their 20s…I’m in my 50s for crying out loud.  I will properly hate them during the bathing suit hours.)  NOT CHECKED YET

  5. ·        Evening dresses; check

  6. ·        Shorts; check

  7. ·        Sunscreen; double check

I hesitated slightly while planning this trip.  I booked the hotel, bu air travel details slowed me down:  Do I really want to travel to a party destination with 20-somethings?  Do I really want to get in a bathing suit with my husband 1,000 miles away?  Not really!  But, before I knew it, Savanna had the tickets wrapped up.  She’d even got me on board to swim with the pigs!

Bahamas here we come!  We’re high as the sky with excitement.

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