Bahamas is for the Fashionistas

Aruba, Jamaica, ooo I wanna take ya.

No need to take me to either of those places because I’ve already been to both. And quite enjoyed them. I am working my way down the list of locations in that famous song and will be going to the BAHAMAS in two short weeks.

I’ll be travelling with my mom and sister, staying at the SLS in the new Baha Mar development. I’ve been stalking their Instagram and the resort looks dreamy.

While I look forward to the fruity drinks, clear water and great weather, I am especially looking forward to all the outfits I am going to wear. Isn’t that the point of travelling? Having an excuse to buy new clothes and look fabulous in a foreign town?

The moment we booked the trip, I began to furiously online shop, imagining myself in a plethora of scenarios. What will my airport outfit be? What will I change into when we get lunch upon arrival? How many trendy one-pieces is too many to take? I wonder if 3 hats can fit in my tiny suitcase?

Once I am hit with the travel shopping bug, I don’t stop obsessing until we are wheels-up off the tarmac. All of this doesn’t necessarily involve buying new clothes. It can be just as fun to “shop your closet” and come up with fun outfit combos that you wouldn’t usually wear at home.

While most people my generation travel for the Instagram post, I pretty much travel for the fashion.

In addition to all the outfits I am looking forward to, I also really want to try to swim with the pigs in Exuma. Imagine the outfit possibilities! I think this is quite hard to do, but I hope to report back soon with some awesome picture of myself in a chic red bikini kissing free-roaming pigs in crystal clear water.