Celebrate 5-8

What does Happy Birthday mean to you?  Are you one that doesn’t bother celebrating your birthday?  Or, do you call up family and friends and head out on the town to celebrate?  What would you do if the world was in the midst of a viral pandemic? Celebrate or lay low… turning 5-8 

I turned 5-8 yesterday, smh.  Initially Jeff and I had plans to have a blow out good time at a GOCA (Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance) auction in the Georgia Aquarium.  Savanna, Joey, and Diana were also looking forward to supporting this great cause with us. We attended last year and had a lot of fun while supporting a great organization (thanks Sean! xo).  

…But then…Covid19 happened and the auction was postponed [insert sad face].  Needless to say, worry, anxiety and toilet-paper-shortage-possibilities arose and we questioned whether we should go out at all, birthday or no birthday.  turning 5-8 

Add to that, the Georgia Institute of Technology extended their spring break for two weeks and asked students to stay away from campus until at least March 30.

But in the end, it was a stunning, sunny day outside and we decided to take necessary precautions and head out for as fun a time as we could manage.  And indeed it was a great time of delicious food, atmosphere, singing, sparklers and silly selfies:  LeBilboquet St.Regis/GardenRoom

I don’t always celebrate birthdays with such pomp and circumstance but for number 5-8, I’m thankful to have done so.  And I’m also thankful for the thoughtful people in my life that sent personal messages, including a video chat from a major throwback in Oregon (thanks Debbie!).

God willing the pandemic crisis we’re all in will quickly pass, and all those who desire to celebrate their birthday on the town with family and friends can and will do so in 2020.

Stay healthy and strong everyone.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

turnng 5-8
turning 5-8

Thank you girls, for everything! I love you xo