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 Savanna, Diana, and I officially launched our “bonds-and-buds-post-childhood” website as a fun, encouraging, humorous, hip way to live our lives while sharing trends, food, travel, photography, fashion, calamities, love, faith, and all-things-life blogging with you!

When the day arrives that kids pack up and move out of the house, it’s sad.  It was for me any way.  Diana and Savanna are smart, spirited, respectable women.  The kind of ladies I want as friends.  I didn’t want them to leave home.  Well, I sooorta did…just not too far away.

Introducing Triangle Park (  I’m thrilled to have my girls joining me as we weave together a triangle of loving, entertaining (hopefully!) lifestyle blog content.  My audience can be sure that I’ll be held to a strict standard; one that comes as a result of being the “older” generation contributor.  News Flash:  Young, hip, smart, upwardly mobile young people don’t want to be associated with frumpy, dated, poorly groomed, out-of-shape old farts.  In other words, I’ll keep current on health, exercise (spin, pilates), beauty (Kate Somerville, Hour Glass — personal faves), fashion (Anthropology, Lululeom — personal wardrobe suppliers) , and unavoidable angst (pray more worry less — personal motto).

And while I strive to not be abandoned by my younger counterparts, be sure they’ll be held to a high standard as well.  One that excludes: dishonesty, decadence, disrespect, etc.  I tend to take these things for granted.  My children would never do that, there’s no reason to remind them not to act like that.  But, it’s a crazy, tempting, broken world out there.  Reminding them (or telling them for the first time), no matter what their age, can’t hurt.  We’re all human (and sinners to boot)!

Triangle Park unrolls as a sort of: millennials (1982-2004) and baby boomers (1946-1964) dwelling in a triangle-blogosphere realm.  As a baby boomer I can’t help but think I’m (we’re) way trendier and cooler than generations after us.  But, who am I kidding.  The younger generation always has the “cooler” edge because, umm, they’re younger.

* * * * * * 

Recently, I had to retire and my Step-aerobic obsession.  I did and loved Step for 20 years.  But for me, I couldn’t do it without having my hands and arms above my head the entire time.  Doing so made for a much faster, higher heart rate and jumping and spinning over the step with arms stretched to the stars was tons of fun.  A darn, I’m-getting-old shoulder injury caused me to give it up.  Sniff, sniff.  Apparently, once you cross the 50-year mark there are certain exercises you shouldn’t do over your head. Here’s an article that talks about some examples.  My mother also said she heard from a trainer that you should never do anything overhead, over 50.  Be careful.

So, I did two spin classes, one Pilates and walked about two miles last week.  My knees said, whoa, enough already.  They weren’t kidding.  Spin is my new cardio work out (cardio is so important for energy, mood and all that) but yikes, out-of-the-saddle peddling is foreign territory to my knees.  Hopefully they’ll adjust…and not have to be adjusted.

* * * * * *

So!  Today was our first official day working together.   There was fun, frustration, laughs and cookie baking.  Yes, I’m serious, we baked cookies! 

Web design is challenging stuff.  This site is a work in progress – thank you for your patience.  If you find things disorganized, missing pictures, links, etc., we’re madly working on it.  Savanna did an awesome job today, but she had her screaming moments. 🙂

Have you heard of cake mix cookies?  We added our own flare and, oh my, they were most yummy (and easy!)..


1 box organic cake mix

1/2 cup oil

2 eggs  — bake 350 degrees for 12 -14 minutes

What made them so good was we topped them with fresh raspberries, mint, squirts of lemon juice and pieces of organic raspberry licorice.  Deeelicious!

Yum fun!

It was a lovely Saturday night out with Mom.  She’s a lucky lady to have such a handsome, caring son-in-law!

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