Crazy Covid19 Stuff

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are hanging in there with the crazy Covid19 stuff going on.  Speaking of crazy Covid19 stuff: what is with the toilet paper craze?  

Toilet paper never, ever would have crossed my mind as a rush-out-to-get item early in this crisis.  Thank the Lord I had plenty in the basement because I would have been,well, sh** out of luck, so to speak.  No doubt you’ve noticed how scarce and sacred toilet paper became overnight?  

Will any human ever look at a package of Charmin or Scott the same again?   Four white rolls tucked snuggly in plastic, sitting on a shelf, never looked more appealing.  Who knew?

In the Beginning

The first couple weeks of lockdown were energizing, a challenge.  Attention!  Call up the troops.  Do your part. Be an alive American soldier! Fight, fight! We got this.

I mean, good grief, the speed at which I get in and out of Publix and Whole Foods these days is impressive.  You’d think I had a plane to an exotic get-away to catch.  

Sailing up and down aisles for absolute essentials only, while holding my breath to dodge cryptic, invisible enemies is a new, weird, norm.  Another new “weird” norm is the fact that, though I don’t need any, I often peak down the toilet paper aisle, just for fun. What!?  And only two times have I been pleasantly surprised to see toilet paper stacked neatly on shelves.  Oh, look, there it is.  Oh my, isn’t it lovely sitting up there.  Just lovely. Amazing too.  

More Crazy…

If scurrying up and down aisles as fast as possible isn’t anxiety inducing enough, once I sneezed in Publix.  A cloud of guilt berated me all the way to the car. Atlanta’s pollen count was around 9,000 and sneeze-guilt still heckled me home.  Nevermind my eyes were bright red and watery. I hoped and prayed people who saw and heard me kerchoo also took note of the watery-redness and that they were up to speed with pollen stats.  

It’s Going to be Okay

Speeding through grocery stores with military precision, fighting the enemy with held breath, hoping to spy packages of Charmin or Scott as a side thrill,  all the while dreaming of a flight to Scotland is not so bad if you carry Faith and Hope with you. This too shall pass.  And, let’s not forget that a sneeze is the body’s natural reaction to defend itself.  Just make sure the sneeze lands securely in your elbow. God will take care of all else.  Happy Easter every day, not just in April!

crazy Covid19 stuff

Exotic destinations and Scott toilet paper are new dreams

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away,” Matthew 24:35.