Discovering Naples, Florida


Hi Everyone,

I hope you are happy, healthy, and [heroic] these days!  Have you gotten back to traveling yet? Given Ireland and UK travel is off limits, Jeff and I set out discovering Naples, Florida.  I’ve dipped my toes in Floridian water a little here and there (pan handle, Jupiter, Palm Beach) but that’s about it.  

Most of my blog readers are from Atlanta, Georgia so I’m going to assume some of you are well-versed in Naples.  I’m a late Florida bloomer.  Discovering Naples, Florida, nevertheless, is something I never would have imagined doing had Covid not put the brakes on UK travel.  

The short story version of discovering Naples, Florida reads like this:  I want to move to Naples poste haste.

Five favorite things about Naples:

  1. Stunning room views 

  2. Sunsets

  3. Jets skis and beach dining

  4. Golf course scenery

  5. Bathing suits!!!

The flight to Naples is only an hour and 20 minutes from Atlanta.  Presto, you’ll be there in no time from ATL.

From our room at La Playa, stunning blue-green water filled the view.  We saw stingrays, dolphins and yacht-occupiers from the balcony.  The sand was snow white, stretching as far as the eye can see.  

Looking left

Looking right

…while not moving…

A ribbon of hot pink (God art!) set outside LaPlaya in an impossible-to-take-our-eyes-off fashion during dinner one night.  On another night, the most beautiful lightning lit up the ocean like a strobe light show.

We jet skied with the entire ocean to ourselves, ate oysters, salmon, swordfish, grouper and other stuff that we’re not sure what we did to deserve it all. 

No, I’m not taking up golf.  But it was fun pretending to.  The golf course was beautiful, we met some nice people and saw some wonderful wildlife.  Pssst, Jeff is a really good golfer 🙂 

Now to the most amazing part of the trip.  Who likes to shop for a bathing suit when you’re over 50??  NO ONE!  I needed a bathing suit to jet ski.  We stopped in a “going out of business” Steinmart and found one that actually FIT for…$29!  It was the only one I tried on, final sale…miracles really do happen because!  Praise the LORD!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Sweet, wonderful, blessing Purrl!

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