Eternal Motivation Mgt

Are you [contentedly] motivated and organized in your life? What’s your secret?

This week, Savanna chose our topic: organization and motivation. IMHO they’re crucial elements to living blessedly. Great choice, Sav!

God motivates me to be organized. And that’s not all He motivates me to do. He also inspires me to: eat healthy; to exercise; to love; to strive; to hope; to dream; to give; to share; to live. God is a one-stop shop inspirer for me.

A lot of people don’t believe in The Word. I get that. And I also don’t get that. Why wouldn’t you opt for something that’s been around for thousands of years with proven promises and testimonials, even to this day?

Reading, writing, and blogging are my favorite hobbies. Even hobbies require motivation and organization. The Bible is my preferred “read again” book. There never ceases to be something in it that I didn’t catch during one of the other times I sat down with it. No doubt it’s complicated, but if delved into, there are great motivators inside.

I’m a fastidious housekeeper and organized in most areas of my life. Wouldn’t you say, girls? Asking oneself, “what exactly motivates you to be that way,” is a thought provoking question, albeit it is easy for me to answer: God. People, food, money, and/or kudos just don’t motivate me. Of course, I love and enjoy all of those things, but they don’t ignite me to live contentedly.

Tangibles die and disappear the way people will if there isn’t a promise of eternal life. It boils down to the best God-given gift of all: choice.

Choose motivators to organize wisely!

Thanks for reading Triangle Park!

Love, Shelley 


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