Felines and Faith

Hi Everyone,

What is getting you through 2020? Felines and Faith are tried and true in my book.

Here’s our new baby girl, Pearl:

We brought her home on August 16.  In ten days she’s given all of us great joy, offering a welcome distraction from turbulent times.  Pearl is smart, playful, affectionate and pretty as a picture.  She’s slowly being introduced to the outdoors.  She loves the smell of rosemary and basil and is mesmerized by how many trees can be in a single backyard.  

This week, she tasted rain water for the first time and felt concrete, firewood, and roof shingles (Gus’ dog house) on the pads of her paws.  All very foreign to her.

Indulgment to the max!  She has a furry, brown mouse toy in the basement.  She loves capturing him.  This is good news given our hope is she’ll reduce the chipmunk population around our property.  Pearl has a high rise condo that was custom-created for her at the top of our basement stairs. It’s her official safe space.  Then, there’s the brand new, pink bed upstairs in Diana’s loft that she will enjoy after a nifty cat door is installed from the basement to the main living space…this evening.

Cat condo

Peering down from her safe-space condo

Does she like her big brother, Gus?  Yes!  She’s crazy about Gus, so long as he abides by her rules.  Gus has a kissing fetish that Pearl is not crazy about.  She’s teaching him to tamp down his enthusiasm, play hard to get.  Gus isn’t too concerned either way:

Gus, exhausted after he heard the news of a little sister on board

Does she miss her brother, Archie?  Yes, very much.  She cried herself to sleep the first night he was gone.  Even Gus went looking for him in the basement.  The emotional-animal atmosphere made all of us weery.  

I don’t have to tell you, insane things are going on in the world.  How are you easing the changes in routine, life, etc.?  Having faith in God and cats in our house reminds us to be thankful, not fearful, for the challenges.  They both (Felines and Faith) fill our hearts with love and comfort.

Dogs are awesome, no doubt.  But cats are awesome and mysterious… like God.  Faith and Felines are fantastic obsessions.  If you don’t believe me, check out Cats of Instagram .

Thank you for reading!  (100-word flash fiction story below)

Love, Shelley

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