Halloween-2020 + D’s Bday

Hi Friends,

Are you excited for Halloween-2020?  Or…has 2020 scared you enough already?  Triangle Park is really excited for Halloween-2020.  In fact, we get excited about anything that gets our mind off of local and national news these days.  But this year we are especially excited for Halloween-2020 because that is the day we are celebrating Diana’s 23rd birthday (October 29).  

We are headed to one of our favorite restaurants with Savanna and Joey and we are dressing in Halloween costumes!

Stipulation No. 1 for celebrating a birthday on Halloween night:  

  1. You must, must, must wear a Halloween costume

Who would plan a dinner party on Halloween and not require costumes?  Exactly, no one would.

We vacillated over whether to wear a silly costume, scary costume, clever costume, etc. for the last week or so.  Sure, you can go to Target and pull a polyester ensemble of: 

  1. A piece of pizza

  2. A hot dog

  3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  4. Superhero, etc.

 off the rack but that’s too easy.  Good costumes require at least [a little thought] and creativity.  

Here’s what we’ve come up with to date:

The birthday girl (Diana) is planning to go as:  Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)  Diana has spent the last several months studying for and taking the LSAT.  In the meantime, she is completing her last semester at GA Tech and working part-time for Alston & Bird.  Point being:  Diana is working her booty off and needs to have some chill-lax birthday fun.  Dressing up as Elle Woods takes the edge off of law school prep persnicketiness and D will rock a tight, pink dress.

Savanna and Joey have yet to decide their ensembles.  What do you think about them dressing as a Bride and Groom?  What a great way to reminisce about a really, really good time with family and friends in what could be the last “normal” year of the century: 2019.  Or, what about a bottle of wine and a piece of cheese?  I have that costume!  Jeff and I did that a few years back.  Does anyone out there have suggestions for Sav and Joe?

I, the mom/matriarch/old lady, whatever have decided to dress up as a Pan Am flight attendant.  Remember Pan Am?  Do you remember the beautiful building at the end of Park Avenue with [Pan Am] gracing the top?  Back in the day, Pan Am could and would get you speedily to Europe through NYC.  Also, back in the day, being a flight attendant was a big deal (maybe it still is, I’m not sure).  There was a time, albeit fleeting, that I dreamed of being a flight attendant.  Turned out that travelling as a passenger was just as dreamy (maybe more?).  

Have you guessed what Jeff will dress as?  No, not a captain.  Though I thought that was a good idea, he didn’t like it.  Jeff will be a handsome, 1960s/70s businessman/traveller.  Remember the old 1960s cliches:  Fedora, briefcase, coat, tie clip, paper ticket, slicked back hair?  Jeff is going to seamlessly pull this one off and rock the businessman/traveller get-up. 

I hope some or all of you are planning Halloween fun!  Let’s all share photos after the fact.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Cat Update:

I’m cat sitting my grand-cat for a couple days.  Archie is an utterly loving, smart, playful, precious boy.  What a joy these to feline siblings have been for both Sav and Joe and my whole family.  

Archie perched on a gift from Gramma as he looks on to Peachtree, this morning.

Archie in his favorite bed this morning.

Purrl was sound asleep when this irresistable pic was taken

Purrl is very affectionate in the morning.

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