Happy Birthday to You

Do you advertise your birthday on Facebook?  If so, do you display the year as well?  If yes, that’s awesome — you’re truly celebrating an addition to your tenure on earth.  If you don’t share the year you were born, isn’t it more of celebrating just yourself?

I love birthdays, but not on Facebook or any other social media.  The first time I received an avalanche of notifications on –/–/–, I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea that birthdays were “announced.”  I thought when I added my birthday it was som

Celebrating Papa’s 80th birthday ten years ago

e sort of requirement of Facebook.  Initially, it was fun hearing from people I barely knew.  I thought, wow, they must really like me but have been too shy to express it until wondrous Facebook made it easier for them.  Typically, only my immediate family and very dear, close friends contact me on the big day.  It was intense stuff having dozens of “Happy Birthday, Shelley, hope it’s a great day!”

But then, after a couple years of participating in the Facebook BD frenzy, I realized if I neglected to wish one or two distant acquaintances HBD, there was a good chance they’d dis my sacred day that year as well.  And if someone I truly cared about missed my day, it would cryptically bother me.  I mean, who cares?  It bothered me that it bothered me, more than the birthday-less message I didn’t receive.

So ya, Facebook birthday participation didn’t last long for me.  If you’re a friend of mine, I’m sorry I don’t wish you a HBD on Facebook.  It’s just too phoney baloney for me.  But, in the future I’m going to check and see if years are shared.  Those, I’ll not only wish HBD, but also congratulations!

Thank you for stopping by,

Love, Shelley


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