Mother's Day TPA Style

Mother’s Day is a time and holiday that I look forward to every year. The weather is always perfect, the semester is usually coming to an end, the flowers are in full bloom, and allergies of springtime are starting to wear off. Mother’s Day 2021 was no exception.

I arrived in Atlanta the day before Mother’s Day after a week-long trip to New York City. I was pretty tired from all the adventures and travelling, but still excited for our Mother’s Day festivities.

The day started with breakfast (spoiler: if you read our blogs about Mom’s birthday...all of this will sound incredibly familiar ;). We ate at one of our favorite spots in Atlanta: Buttermilk Kitchen. We headed to church to round out the morning, where we enjoyed a peaceful and beautiful sermon.

My mom and I went up to Dunwoody in the afternoon to get her mom for the rest of the day. Gam was very excited to come down and see everybody, and we were so excited (and blessed) to have her.

We spent the afternoon/early evening talking, sharing pictures, playing games, and eating some delicious food from Karma Farm, a healthy Atlanta take-out place. The food consisted of roasted chicken over mashed chickpeas, spicy roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, corn bread, and more. We even had chocolate covered cookie dough balls for dessert. Delicious!

We played a new game on Mother’s Day: Mind the Gap. Discovered by Joey’s parents, the game consists of trivia spanning 4 generations - the best strategy is to make teams consisting of varying generations to fill the “gaps” in knowledge. A super fun game! Though my team (Savanna and me) didn’t win, we learned a lot and had fun.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day, whether you were fortunate enough to be with your mom or not. Until next time!