Music Midtown ’94 vs. 2018

Atlanta’s very own Music Midtown is this weekend.   The set up took place today. Gus and I walked around and checked it out. There are four elaborate stages, pop up bars, porta potties, legit entrance/exits, and chain link fencing…lots of it.

I attended Music Midtown’s first-ever concert event back in the day (1994). It took place in a vacant lot on Peachtree and 10th. My friend Suzanne, Shelley E. and I walked from Shelley’s house in Ansley Park. It was a leisurely walk that amounted to a few short blocks. We inched our way to the stage by politely saying “excuse me,” “pardon me,” and simply squeezing through the masses. As I recall it, there was only one stage. Paula Cole belted out I Don’t Want to Wait and Atlanta’s own Indigo Girls got the crowds going with Closer to Fine. It was fun, safe, artistically appealing, and oh so different than it appears today.

It was really hot today (94 degrees, 85% humidity).  There’s no relief tomorrow and hopefully hurricane Florence won’t visit ATL over the weekend. Check out Diana’s blog on how to survive Music Midtown:

While Gus and I walked around the park we ran into three, shall we say young people, who asked if they could pet him.  Why, of course they could…Gus has no idea what a stranger is. I asked them if they knew who was in this year’s line up and they named a few groups. I was familiar with zero of them. Here’s the official line up:  Sadly, I still don’t recognize any of them. Well, I’ve heard of Post Malone but that’s only because he made the news recently because a jet he was riding in had to make a precarious emergency landing. I’m sort of surprised that there aren’t any classical names on the list. It wasn’t too long ago that Lenny Kravitz and Elton John showed up. Oh well, I’m not going any way.

But, I was there today and so was Gus . Unlike back in the day, you’ll have to pay to get in (2-day ticket = $155+) and you’ll have an array of stages to wander around to. It was fun watching Midtown Music 2018 all come to fruition and I’m sure it will be fun attending!

Thanks for visiting Triangle Park!

Love, Shelley

The athletic field is not participating in Midtown Music — great place to go for a jog.