New Website + Flash Fiction

Hi Friends,

I hope y’all are doing well and not sweltering like we are in ATL. Hoooly smoookes we’re cookin’ in the Peach State.

As you know, we’re hard at work renovating our website home. Our friend, Rachel, an amazing artist and graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design is leading the way for us. I’ve known Rachel since she was a newborn baby. More of how crazy I am about her later.


Last week we had loads of fun taking photos with Diana’s Georgia Tech friend, Jan Hong.  The pics are an effort to help Rachel with the design we envision. Like Rachel, Jan is multi-talented. Photography is a hobby of hers when she’s not studying Engineering at GT. What a blessing it is to be associated with two classy, driven, talented ladies who are rocking Atlanta’s business, academic, and art world.

Sneak pic peak:

Flash Fiction fun Triangle Park ATL

Savanna, Shelley, Diana / ATL

Triangle Park ATL

Winn Park – Diana, Shelley, Savanna

WHAT’S IN STORE Flash Fiction

TPA is excited to announce that our new website will be organized by “categories.” Rather than each of us having our own blog slots, we’ll collectively contribute to designated categories.  Groups are TBD, but Jeff has suggested a “Forum” page and I’m pitching a “Flash Fiction” corner (333 words or less).

Below is my first Flash Fiction for the site.  I hope you’ll read along as I hone my craft.  Your stories are welcome!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley


A hungry man with a starving boy walks into a deli. The man is wearing tattered jeans. His belt is buckled on the last hole. His white t-shirt is gray. The boy and the man have flip-flops with flattened soles on.

Warm bratwurst, melted Swiss, toasted butter buns, and coffee wafts the air. Cured meat and cheese sandwiches, salads, and pastries crowd a display case like a mouth with too many teeth.

The young boy touches the glass with both hands. He swallows saliva. Small handprints stay on the glass.

“Do you wanna a sandwich,” the hungry man asks the starving boy, “Grilled cheese? Whadda ‘bout tater salad, you want sum that?”

The boy looks up at his dad and doesn’t say anything.

The dad stares at the food.

“Whaddabout roast beef with cheddar, pickle, and bread? You want pickles? Or whaddabout a cinnamon bun? You wanna cinnamon bun?”

The boy thinks about the first question, Do you wanna sandwich.

He looks up at his dad and doesn’t say anything.

“Buddy, I bet they have chicken and star soup back there, in the back? Or, whadda ‘bout a wiener or brat? You want chicken soup if they got it? ”

The boy looks up at his dad and doesn’t say anything.

The man carries a bag full of food outside.

“where you wanna sit…on this curb? Or, under that tree right there? You wanna sit on the ground? We could sit on the ground right about here?”

The boy looks up at his dad and doesn’t say anything.

The man sits down on a curb two steps from the deli door. The boy sits beside him.

When the food is finished they head home.

The dad looks down at the boy and doesn’t say anything.

The boy looks up and says, “I want what you want Daddy.”


(305 words)

They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any scorching heat ~ Revelation 7:16