Pickleball Y’all?

Ever heard of pickleball?

Better yet, have you ever played pickleball?

I switched workout clubs recently and the new one, Piedmont Health & Fitness, has a pickleball program. I had never in all my life heard a single word about such a peculiar-sounding game prior to joining PHF. Now I’m a pickleball fanatic.

Pickleball is a cross between ping pong and tennis. If you enjoy either of those you’ll likely find pickleball a fun, in between alternative. The court is large enough to provide a good cardio workout, which you don’t get with ping pong, but it isn’t as large as a tennis court, which cuts back on your exertion. In addition, it doesn’t call for as much upper body strength as tennis does. And much like ping pong, strategy is key!

Scoring is a bit complicated. Actually, it’s very complicated. I played my first ever, official game today and the scoring aspect befuddled me to the end. Serving, executing hits, and volleying were a piece of cake, but the mental math and memorizing various details got in the way of me joyfully hitting the ball. Patience, I imagine, is key with this aspect!

Before I started playing, I bought some sporty, K-Swiss court shoes and a couple beginner racquets.

A light, beginner racquet is a great starting point.

I must admit, in spite of superb eagerness, I was a little intimidated to play at first.  It was, however, comforting to learn that people of all ages play pickleball. So far all the players I’ve met have been friendly and enthusiastic to share their knowledge.

Best of all, it’s a great game to partner up with someone. Jeff will soon be joining me on the court.  Discovering at this “stage in the game,” that there’s a new, fun sport that the hubby and I can dive into together is simply welcome news.

Check it out for yourself!

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Shelley


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