Savanna and Diana’s Input on Feline Family Additions

Savanna’s input on the feline family additions:

I’ve been on an email list to foster kittens for the last two months. Each time the director emailed, I’d be too late. It was a disappointing process. So when my mom texted me on Thursday night that she had found a kitten she wanted, I immediately replied in all caps that we HAD to see them tomorrow. Next thing I knew we were ooing and awing over the two related but polar opposite fluff balls. “I’ll feel bad if I take the girl and leave the boy,” my mom said. Three days and many emails and texts with the adoption director later, I’m welcoming a sweet and slightly crazy baby boy kitten home.

Diana’s input on the feline family additions:

Last week while I was relaxing at the beach, I received a slew of messages from my mom and sister. They consisted of links, names, and pictures. I read through the dozens of texts to realize that they were keen on adopting two cats not far from our house. I half thought they were serious, half thought the COVID quarantine was inducing boredom and daydreaming. Fast-forward a few days: I’m home and we have two new PRECIOUS kittens. I’ve missed having cats around the house, and am so excited for the new additions!