Staying Healthy and Fit

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing well.  I hope you are staying healthy and fit as while we claw and climb our way out of 2020.  Have you had a chance to check out a Barre3 studio?  A couple weeks ago I finally got around to taking a class there. 

I’ve been an exercise enthusiast most of my life.  Anyone remember Spa Lady?? I know, lyao…”spa who??”  Thirty-nine years ago, I joined Spa Lady in Beaverton, Oregon.  They had clubs all over the United States.  So when I moved back to Georgia I was leotarded up and ready to go in a Sandy Springs Spa Lady (lol).  Check this picture out!

Aerobic throwback pic

1980s-style exercise enthusiasts.

No, I’m not in the photo but I might as well be because I looked just like them, hair, leotard, the whole getup.  Not sure where the sweatbands are though.  I always sported one of those, haha.

Lately, I’ve become a nomadic exerciser.  You’ll find me staying healthy and fit in several locations:

  1. Ansley Golf Club (elliptical machine or spin class)

  2. Atlanta Sport & Spine (pilates)

  3. Piedmont Fitness Center (Pickleball/Zumba)

I tried a Barre class at Piedmont and liked it.  But, until recently I hadn’t found courage and motivation to enter a Barre3 studio.  At 58-years-old, I’m not so “out of it” as to think there are people my age in trendy core studios.  Barre3 bods are young, hip and energized.

It turns out, Barre3 was born in Portland, Oregon and it also turns out there are people relatively close to my age in Barre3 studios.  Having grown up in Oregon, that fact assured me I’d not only love a Barre3 workout, I’d feel right at home.  Rest assured, you don’t have to be a former Oregonian or young to feel at home.  Their customer service caters to kindness and professionalism (thank you Meredith/Barre3Buckhead) and the instructors design routines for various abilities (thank you Landis/Barre3Buckhead). But most importantly, you’re there to get fit and that’s exactly what you’ll accomplish

Initially, I was concerned about the “no shoes” aspect but ended up surprised that my muscles didn’t tighten later on as they usually do.  These socks:  See here  grip really well and allow the body to work muscles it typically doesn’t use with shoes on.

I won’t be divorcing any of my pre-Barre3 hangouts, I’ll be marrying a fourth.  Barre3 Buckhead is by far the most up-to-date and challenging of all four.  I’m not sure how many more years I have left to ballet-away with younger counterparts, but I’m willing to give it my all.  How about you?

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Check out Barre3 Buckhead here!

Owner and instructor of Barre3 Buckhead, Landis Fraser, is welcoming and a supreme instructor

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