Thankful Prayers

Dear Friends,

Thanksgiving week has arrived and there’re a lot of thankful prayers headed to heaven from our humble home.  Have you ever noticed that your thankful prayers ascend from — indeed thankful for to most, most, most thankful for — ?  Mine are like that and the list is long and culminating.

It begins around: 

  1. A roof over my head

  2. Georgia Power

  3. Indoor plumbing

  4. Pet All Star Dog Waste Bags, Floral Scent, 360 Count

  5. Tidy Cats Instant Action Scented Clumping Clay Cat Litter, etc.

The finale being: 

  1. Husband

  2. Humility…

  3. My children

I’m [positively] not unique with the finale.  Most mothers cherish their kids and can’t help seeing them as infallible beings.  Well, maybe “infallible” is best left for God, but you get where I’m going. 

Savanna has been blessed with an amazing new job.  I was fortunate to visit her new location in Promenade II, Midtown last week.  We parked in our favorite center-of-the-universe neighborhood, Ansley Park, and walked across Peachtree.  In less than five minutes, we were in the building and on the 15th floor.  

Savanna’s new home-away from home is a bright, airy office.  I’m jealous because in my professional career I never advanced out of a reasonably sized, rather flimsy cubicle.  Sav’s new office comes complete with a door that closes!  

And I mustn’t forget the cat blessing (Archie) that she and Joey continue to enjoy.  Savanna’s Archie and my Purrl have joined our lives with an abundance of added love and affection.  Who knew that two, sick, homeless cats sitting in a cage a block from our house could add so much richness to our lives?  Many thankful blessings.  Meow.

Cats are love

To Whom it May Concern:

Please be advised that Miss Diana Julia Sweeney is adept and competent in engineering which ensures she will be a supreme patent attorney one day.  Diana’s talents don’t stop there.  Miss Sweeney is compassionate, sincere, artistic and possesses utmost integrity.  Moreover, I love her dearly.

Not so much — but I did help with wordsmithing on the real draft.  

I also had the [thankful] pleasure of snapping graduation pics of Dan on Georgia Tech’s campus yesterday.  She had a professional photographer earlier in the year but I wanted to capture our vibe and bond together.  Living vicariously through Diana’s achievements was/is on par with visiting Savanna’s slick, new office digs.  

Turkey time is almost here.  Are you hungry for it?   Enjoy the people and food you’re blessed with this Thursday, and always.  

Thank you for reading!

Love, Shelley

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful – Colossians 4:2