Top 4 Essentials for Traveling

Hearing and reading about how excited my mom and sister are for the Bahamas has me reminiscing about my summer exactly a year ago. I spent last summer studying abroad in France, while traveling on the weekends. It was an absolutely incredible experience that I am ever grateful to my parents for, but with the good came quite a bit of bad. Things are bound to go wrong on vacation, and I’ve discovered a couple key things that help everything go smoothly and prevent disaster from striking:

1.     Portable charger. So many times when I was traveling I would find myself on a train or in a station for hours, without an outlet or charger, and my phone battery slowly dying. Having a portable charger helped avoid some big catastrophes, like missing a train, losing a friend, and getting lost.

2.     Cross-body purse. An absolute MUST when travelling, and honestly in everyday life. It keeps your wallet, passport, and phone extremely close and greatly reduces the chance of someone grabbing your purse off of your shoulder or someone pick-pocketing you.

3.     Reusable water bottle. My parents deem reusable water bottles a “millennial thing”, but they are essential in my everyday life, and when I’m travelling. Airports, train stations, colleges, malls, parks, literally everywhere all around the world has stations to fill up water bottles. Buying plastic bottles over and over again not only wastes money, but is bad for the environment.

4.     Checklist. Whether this be in your head, on your phone, or on a piece of paper, it’s utterly important to stay organized. I constantly run through my head, making sure I have my phone, wallet, and passport wherever I am. I always keep a checklist for what I’m packing, both on the plane and checked, so I know where everything is.

I am so excited to go to the Bahamas in a week, and am even more excited to write about it. I hope these tips help you, whether you’re going on a road trip or halfway across the world!